Optimizing Your Posts and Images for Social Sharing

Recent changes at Facebook have us scrambling to be sure our content displays well for social sharing, and it’s especially important to note  that Facebook has recently changed the  aspect ratio for images from square to 1.91:1 for both its mobile and desktop feeds.  Square images now appear cropped, often poorly. We have found the following helpful guides and links: […]

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Weddings and Commitment

I am fortunate today to be celebrating 32 years of marriage. Since it seems to me that fewer and fewer young people are choosing marriage these days, at least not without a trial run that involves living together for an unspecified, usually lengthy, period of time, perhaps I might have some advice to offer. Not because I am an expert on marriage. Far from it. But because I am, at least, able to say that I made a commitment, I have stuck to it, and so has my husband. And that has made all the difference. […]

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Happy Birthday, WordPress

I have to admit I arrived fashionably late to the WordPress party, believing it was not yet ready for prime time, until I was actually forced into using it when Blogger decided no longer to support FTP. At the time I had 22 clients whose blogs I had happily integrated into their Dreamweaver websites using Blogger as an engine. […]

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