A rock star in yoga pants

Every day there are people taking a moment from their busy lives to help make the world a better place. Let them be the people we celebrate and talk about and follow.

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Weddings and Commitment

I am fortunate today to be celebrating 32 years of marriage. Since it seems to me that fewer and fewer young people are choosing marriage these days, at least not without a trial run that involves living together for an unspecified, usually lengthy, period of time, perhaps I might have some advice to offer. Not because I am an expert on marriage. Far from it. But because I am, at least, able to say that I made a commitment, I have stuck to it, and so has my husband. And that has made all the difference. […]

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Spiritual Warrior – A Personal Account

James Arthur Ray's Spiritual Warrior event has been held annually at Angel Valley Retreat Center near Sedona since 2003. In 2009 three people perished while participating in a sweat lodge ceremony, one of the final activities of the five-day retreat. At least 19 others fell ill and were hospitalized, one in critical condition, and the story quickly spread worldwide across news outlets and the Internet. The year before, I was among its 60 or so participants.

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