A rock star in yoga pants

Every day there are people taking a moment from their busy lives to help make the world a better place. Let them be the people we celebrate and talk about and follow.

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Believing In Ourselves

Today I am spending my first official open-for-business day in a new downtown office after working from home for more than 18 years. This day represents both a leap of faith and a test of courage as I step out from the comfort of my home office into the local business community at large. It’s also the result of a belief I have long held that we not only create our own opportunities in life but we also affect our future through the perception we choose to accept as our reality. […]

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Adventures Along A Playful Path – Storytelling Takes Center Stage

Responsive websites embracing longform typography, beautiful large graphics, easily readable text and other features such as background video, side comments, maps, galleries and timelines, are now taking over the web, and for good reason. They are easy to read and also fulfilling, a respite where we can once again fully immerse ourselves into some welcome depth of content.

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