Affordable marketing automation platform provides big tools for small business

ST. LOUIS, MO – Nov. 2, 2015 – Julie Wolpers of Webcurrent Communications today announced an agency partnership with Hatchbuck, sales and marketing software for small business. Hatchbuck’s software combines email marketing, CRM tools, and marketing automation to offer smaller clients an affordable solution for managing marketing campaigns that create tangible and trackable ROI for clients.

Official-Hatchbuck-Partner-BadgePartnering with Hatchbuck enables Webcurrent Communications to extend company services, positioning clients for long term, sustainable growth – not just one-off campaigns that move the needle temporarily. Our clients will have tools at their disposal to build successes quicker, and have marketing campaigns that can nurture successes in the future. Our objective of empowering small business aligns with Hatchbuck’s mission to help power the dreams of small business.

“Small businesses deserve easy to use, affordable sales and marketing software to cultivate their growth. That’s why we’re here,” said Don Breckenridge, Hatchbuck CEO. “By working with Julie and other partners, this helps more small businesses achieve sales and marketing success.”

“Our partners are smarter than the average shop,”  Breckenridge said. “They have the tools they need to measure campaign results and demonstrate actual ROI to their clients.”

For more information, contact Julie today!